Cube Quest

In this head-to-head competition, two radio-controlled robots each start in their goal area and then roam a 6x6 foot field full or red and blue blocks. The goal is to bring Red blocks into your goal and put the Blue blocks in the opponent's goal. Each red block in your goal is worth +1 point while any blue blocks in your goal are -1 point. Robots are allowed to move blocks into or out of either goal: Stealing +1 red blocks from your opponents goal and pushing -1 blue blocks out of your own goal are both allowed. The robot with the most points in their goal at the end of a 3 minute round wins. The winner of each round moves up in the bracket, single or double elimination brackets may be used depending on the number of competitors and available time.

There are two versions of Cube Quest: Fully Autonomous and Radio Controlled. The Cube Quest competition is currently run as a Radio Controlled contest. The rules for both variants are below.

Radio Controlled Cube Quest Rules


Blocks size 1.5" +/- 1/16"

Colors are Krylon "Red Pepper" and "Patriotic Blue"

Arena is 6x6ft

Carpet is Lowes #97937

How to Build an RC Cube Quest Robot

RC Cube Quest Robots are one of the more accessible contests for novices and young children to participate. Robots can be as simple as an R/C Car with a couple sticks securely taped to each side. Driving proficiency is very important and the contestant with the most skillful control will have the advantage, so keep those batteries charged and keep practicing!

The Vex robotics kit is a popular choice for building Cube Quest robots. A simple RC Car style robot can be made and as your robot skills improve various arms and rollers for handling cubes can be added.

RC Car with sticks

Intake system automatically sorts blocks by color

Vex robots vying for cubes

Autonomous Cube Quest Rules


Only one Fully Autonomous cube quest robot was ever constructed. Check it out at Dale's Homemade Robots.