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The Atlanta Hobby Robot Club is pleased to announce that the 2017 Robot Rally will be held on Dec. 16, 2017 . 


This year the event will take place at 

Pinckneyville Community Center

4650 Peachtree Industrial Blvd

Norcross, GA 30071




Contestants please note:

There have been some changes to the Polyathlon rules since 2015.  Dead Reckoning has been changed allow timing by electronic timer and colored covers are allowed on obstacles.   Please read General rules section IV 5 about obstacle covers and Section 5, "Navigation by dead reckoning".


Register Here for the

Cube Quest


Mini Sumo

5 minute Show & Tell

There is no line maze this year.


Please fill out separate forms for each robot.

Select all contests the robot may be competing in.


Registration Fee

 There is no entry fee  this year!


General Requirements and Information

The contests are open to all builders - membership in the club is not required. Online registration will be accepted until midnight the day before the Robot Rally. Late entries may not make it into the schedule. Although we will schedule as many robots as possible, we have limited time and registration will be on a 'First come, First serve' basis.

Entrants should arrive by 9 AM on the day of the Robot Rally. A table will be provided for the contestant to display his or her robots. We ask that all entrants prepare a sign or document explaining the robot to the general public. Contestants should be willing to discuss their robot, construction techniques, and robotics in general to the attendees. Contestants may be photographed by the club photographer, and may be interviewed by the media. Interviews are voluntary.

Some contests may require qualification testing by the judging staff. Robot builders may observe such qualification, but the robots may not be modified after qualification without the consent of the judging staff.

Contestants should be prepared to remain for the entire Robot Rally unless other arrangements have been made with the Robot Rally Committee or Staff. Prizes/Awards are presented after the Robot Rally, and contestants are requested to remain for the award ceremony. Some Prizes/Awards will be presented at a later date and may be mailed to the winners at the club's discretion.

Commercial robots are not allowed to compete in the contests. These are robots that have had no major modifications made to the basic device, that is, a robot vacuum cleaner may NOT be entered in the contests. Determination of qualification is made by the judging staff and is final.

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