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Robot builders and their creations will converge on Pinckneyville Community Center to show off their robot and compete at a Robotic Polyathlon at the 2017 AHRC Robot Rally.   Cube Quest and Mini Sumo  competitions will also be held.   Sponsored by the Atlanta Hobby Robot Club  , the event features 8 robotic competitions: 

Robot Builders: Plan on building that robot and enter it into the Robot Rally !


Pinckneyville Community Center

4650 Peachtree Industrial Blvd

Norcross, GA 30071



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Contestants please note:

There have been some changes to the Polyathlon rules since last year.  Dead Reckoning has been changed allow timing by electronic timer and colored covers are allowed on obstacles.   Please read General rules section IV 5 about obstacle covers and Section 5, "Navigation by dead reckoning".



The foam core boards for Polyathlon Dead Reckoning have become warped.  If they cannot be un-warped we may need to run Dead Reckoning on the floor this year.  Be prepared for low pile carpet.


Saturday, December 16, 2017

**These times are subject to change as the date nears.

10:00 AM - 11:45 AM Setup & Registration
11:00 AM - Open to public and viewing
12:00 Noon - Competition starts

  4:30 PM - End



"This is an exciting and fun event for everybody. Interest in robotics is growing and the Atlanta Hobby Robot Club hosts the Robot Rally to showcase the talents of local robot builders." explains Len Burleson, former President of the Atlanta Hobby Robot Club. "We are looking forward to hosting this year's event at Pinckneyville. Every year, the event gets bigger and the robots get more sophisticated."

Cube Quest - A new robotics contest created by the AHRC! Two  robots  start from their own goal area and roam a 6x6 foot field and attempt to move +1 red blocks back to their goal while avoiding the -1 blue blocks. The winner is determined by subtracting the -1 blue blocks in the goal from the +1 red total at the end of a 3 minute round. The winner moves up an elimination tree as in mini-sumo or combat robotics. Robots are also allowed to move blocks into or out of the opponents goal. ie: Stealing +1 red blocks from your opponents goal is allowed as is stuffing your opponents goal with -1 blue blocks.  There are two versions of this contest, autonomous and radio controlled.  Modified R/C cars can compete in the radio controlled version.  Rules here.



Robots compete for points in 6 contests to determine the best overall performer.  The contests are Simple Line Follower, Advanced Line Follower, Beacon Killer, Beacon Killer with Obstacles, Navigation by Dead Reckoning and Bulldozer.  Click here for rules.   (note: dead reckoning rules change for 2015.  The online rules have not been updated.)



Mini Sumo

Autonomous sumo bots fight to push their opponent out of the ring.  Click for rules.



Show & Tell

Got a cool bot you want to show off?  We'll give you 5 minutes to demo and talk about it.


The Atlanta Hobby Robot Club is a group of people who build robots as a hobby. Members range in age from 7 to 70 plus and include students, computers professionals, and engineers.

For information about entering the contest, and a copy of the rules, contact the Atlanta Hobby Robot Club.



Corporate Sponsors Wanted

The Atlanta Hobby Robot Club (AHRC) is seeking corporate sponsors for the Robot Rally. Help do something for technology growth and education in Atlanta. The AHRC encourages scientific education through club involvement. We have experience with two participation models:

1) Sponsors can provide banners, flyers or a video-tape we could run on a big-screen TV. This would probably require the least amount of work. Banners can be hung from the ceiling or attached to the outside of the 6 inch high arena walls. Please contact us if you have questions about the size or shape of the banners we can use.

2) Some sponsors may choose to fly to Atlanta to demonstrate and or represent their company at the event. Exhibit space will be provided and we will allow time to address the crowd before the contest starts. We'd also include banners and flyers and such. I will provide hotel recommendations and directions to the event.

Sponsors generally contribute prizes or money to defray our costs. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in all three events.

Use our Contact formto request more details.


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