Vacuum Contest

Suckmaster II
Dale Heatherington starts Suckmaster II
Suckmaster II
Suckmaster II takes 1st place for 4th consecutive year
Frank & Vac-O-Matic
Frank Borowiec starts Vac-O-Matic
Vac-O-Matic took 2nd place
Bob Baxter
Bob Baxter launches Vac-Mobile
Vac-Mobile places 3rd
Len Burleson
Len Burleson with Vex Vac Bot
Vex Vac Bot
James Hudak
James Hudak introduces SpinCycl
SpinCycl makes a run
2nd place
Frank Borowiec wins the 2nd place trophy with Vac-O-Matic
1st place
Dale Heatherington wins 1st with Suckmaster II

Photos by Dale Heatherington