Rally sign Rally 2006

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A letter from our club president

Everyone,     The Rally just finished, and I have to take a minute to tell all the members how great it was. You really did yourselves proud today. Everyone seemed to have a great time, there were plenty of volunteers and we had no problems in any area - the few delays were not bad ones and we have a more relaxed atmosphere than some events - and I think there were a total of 18 robots (?) competing and that is a very good showing. All in all, a very good rally ranking up there with the best!

    We did try to thank everyone during the event, and if your name was skipped, please understand it was due to a mistake on our part - not a lack of appreciation. We could not have done this without everyone in the club pitching in and helping.

    Again, special thanks go out to Len Burleson, James Hudak and Leigh Ann Soublis in helping us get Southern Polytechnic State University as a venue. Also, thanks to Len, Dale Heatherington, and Paul Pawelski for the great work on the new contest field. The volunteers were invaluable - Kathleen Simpson, Charles Guan, Al Hawkins, Steve Karg, Ringo Davis, Val, Data, and Kristen.

    The Judges and Referees did a great job - Len, Steve, Ringo, Kathleen, and Keith.

    The photos look great - and we want to thank Dale and Ann Heatherington for working the entire event taking these pictures.

    The Officers represented the club in fine form - and we want to thank Buddy Smith, Rico Wilson, Keith Rowell, and Bob Baxter for their support and help in this, our premiere outreach event.

    Finally, the show could not have happened without the work of Richard Bodor and Hugh Fenlon. Thank you both for your help.

Frank Borowiec
Atlanta Hobby Robot Club
"The Oldest Robot Club in the U.S."