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Vacuum Contest

Weight (lbs)
Rice Weight (Oz)
Time (Min:Sec)
Recharge bonus
1 Dale Heatherington Suckmaster II 150.76 3.37 6.88 3:30 yes
2 Nicholas Frank Sir-Sucks-a-Lot 91.88 3.56 4.64 3:00 yes
3 Murray McKay Marie 31.69 2.97 3.04 4:00 no
4 John Marting Clear Sweep 24.61 4.51 1.41 1:46 yes
5 Bob Baxter
7.87 2.27 0.8 4:00 no
6 William Hightower Robovac MBI V1.0 3.17 13.75 0.8 4:00 no

Open Competition

Rank Contestant Robot Goal Score
1 Eric Ayers BugBrain [web site] Walk & find objects 23.7
2 Tyler Robertson Trebuchet Fights sumo style 21
3 Joshua Karg Smasher Line follower 19.8
4 George Mitchell & Rico Wilson BG Remote Control 19.5
5 Sean & Galen Hussey CatStalker Chase cats 17.45
6 Jeff Taylor Lurch Avoid obstacles 16.2
7 Dan Long The Bird Walk stairways 11.85
8 George Mitchell & Rico Wilson GR Sandwich Line follower 10.65

Mini Sumo

RankContestantRobot Mini Sumo Chart
1Scott GibsonSid Vicious
2Murray McKayBeverly [web site]
3Scott Gibson Mini Loco
-Josh KargSmasher
-Ringo DavisTwo Bit

Ant Weight Robotic Combat

RankContestantRobot Ant Combat Chart
1Dale HeatheringtonThrasher [web site]
2Robert SchlechtLo-Roller [web site]
3Charles Guan4F^2 [web site]
-Murray McKayZirconium [web site]
-Keith RowellStabbing Pain
-Keith RowellVegetable Steamer of Death


Master of Ceremonies Richard Bodor and Frank Borowiec
Sumo Gyoji Nicholas Frank
Ant Combat Judges Lionel Vogt and Kathleen Simpson
Ant Combat Ring Announcer Lionel Vogt
Open Comp. Judges Keith Rowell, John Marting
Scoring Staff Charlie Oldham, Richard Bodor Jr.
Video Cameramen John Scott, Wesley Fenlon and Hugh Fenlon
Still Photographer Dale Heatherington