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Vacuum Contest

Weight (lbs)
Rice Weight (Oz)
Time (Min:Sec)
Recharge bonus
1 Dale Heatherington Suckmaster II 128.9 3.36 6.11 3:36 yes
2 Tommy Renglin Power Globe 46.84 4.37 4.58 4:00 no
N/A iRobot Roomba
Ineligible, demo only
40.41 6.07 4.45 4:00 no
6.08 2.69 0.70 4:00 no
4 Robo Jackets Buzzer II 5.68 4.64 0.90 4:00 no
5 John Marting Clearsweep 1.52 6.02 0.3 4:00 no

Open Competition Age Group 12 and under

Rank Contestant Robot Goal Score
1 Jared Hussey Spot Walk & avoid obstacle 20.7
2 Joshua Karg Smasher Line follower 19.8

Open Competition Age Group 13-17

Rank Contestant Robot Goal Score
1 Tristan Davis Beep Line follower 22.65
2 Sean Hussey Complexity Walk 20.85

Open Competition Age Group 18+

Rank Contestant Robot Goal Score
1 Nicholas Frank Sir Sux-A-Lot Video Navigation 23.7
2 Galen Hussey Deep Purple Avoid obstacles, talk 17.25
3 Dan Long S.A.F.F.E "airplane" Separation Assurance for a
Free-Flight Environment in air traffic
controlling scenario

Mini Sumo

Sumo Gyoji: Paul Burrell and David Hussey

RankContestantRobot Mini Sumo Chart
1Dale HeatheringtonDelta Force
2Ringo DavisBIT
3Murray McKayQuasimoto
-Nicholas FrankNorbert
-Josh KargSmasher
-Nicholas FrankFront and Back

Special Awards

Coolest BotDale Heatherington for Delta Force
Technical Achievement Nicholas Frank for Sir Sux-A-Lot
Most Innovative DesignNicholas Frank for Sir Sux-A-Lot


Master of Ceremonies Ed Larson
Sumo Gyoji Paul Burrell, David Hussey
Vacuum Officials Brian Byrne, Don Brown
Open Comp. Judges John Marting, Murray McKay, Paul Burrell
Scoring Staff Charlie Oldham, Richard Bodor Jr. , Brendan Benshoof
Video Cameramen John Scott, Kieth Rowell
Still Photographer Dale Heatherington