Vacuum Contest

Clint releases Rice-A-Robi
Clint releases Rice-A-Robi
Rice-A-Robi running
Rice-A-Robi running
Murray and Aardvark
Murray shows us Aardvark
Aardvark sucking up rice
The Aardvark sucks up rice
Keith and Kluge II
Keith explains Kluge IIs piezo bump sensor
Kluge II get a few grains
Kluge II gets a few grains with its tiny fan
Buzzer is explained
Ben and Daniel tell us about Buzzer
Buzzer is stalled
Buzzer stalls then starts smoking
Dale and Suckmaster II
Dale explains his Suckmaster II
Suckmaster II starts
Dale starts Suckmaster II on the run that picked up 6.15 oz rice for a 129 score
Bob and John show Double Vac
Bob and John introduce Double Vac
Double Vac starts
Double Vac starts its run

Photos by Dale Heatherington