Open Contest

Chris and Prometheus
Chris Carter and
giant walker Prometheus
Deep Purple
Galen demonstrates
Deep Purple
Will and Ratchet
Will and Ratchet
Sean Hussey and Void
Seans Lego transmission robot: Void
Jareds walker: Trotter
Firedog attempts to put out Harrisons lighter
Jonah and Hermet
Jonah and his robot Hermet
Brian and Vendor
Brian operates Vendor
Noah with Hermet
Noah shows off Hermet
liam and Spikes
Liam watches Spikes avoid walls
Dan Long and Cybot
Dan gives Cybot a little help
Dan with robot soccer dogs
Dan Longs soccer scoring robot
Daniel and grabber with soda can
Daniel Smith demos his remote
controlled pneumatic grabber

Photos by Dale Heatherington