Meeting Minutes, AHRC, September 28, 2002

Officers present:
Frank Borowiec - President
Clint Bridges - Treasurer
Richard Bodor - Secretary

Frank introduced the meeting. Thanks to Nicholas Frank for finding us a

Club Business:
Treasurer's Report - we have money in the bank.

Centennial Park meeting (Hobby Day) We were thanked by the coordinator of
the event and we are intending to go again next year. Attendees gave some
input for the hobby day.

RBNO report - Clint explained the RBNO to the new attendees. This last one
we had Mike Panetta who brought in a test board and the group fiddled around
with it. Also fiddled around with a controller board. This one was more of a
brainstorming session.

Next month's meeting location discussion. The bottom line is that we don't
know where we will hold future meetings. This is the biggest challenge for
the club right now.

Listbot update - new server is now Unix. Paul and Dale have been working to
get the BBS up and running. It should be on board very soon. Look for an
announcement on the listbot and the web page.

Robot Rally - Richard has started a robot rally volunteer sheet. Everyone is
asked to try and find a job to volunteer.

Rules Committee - we have three main competitions, although the open is
split up by age. The vacuum rules need to be adjusted.

New monthly contest - we discussed the need for a new monthly contest. No
decision has been made. Much effort goes into the monthly meeting location
and this has delayed the new monthly contest.

New Attendees:
* Jeff - 12 and Steve - his father and Tim - 11. They found us on the web.

Dale brought video on DragonCon. They have 12 lb weight class and 60 lb
weight class. These are not true "battle bots". The rules don't allow
certain techniques like band saws and projectiles. These are RC bots - not
autonomous. Dale competed with his T-Zero bot using the innovative pneumatic
catapult and the unique "invertible" design.

Around the Room:
* Nicholas Frank showed his new vacuum bot. He has a heat sink issue. It is
named Sir Suxalot.

* Frank brought in the Intel microscope. This is a USB device that has 10X,
60X and 200X magnifications. He got it for $40. Model number QX-3. He
believes that the device is no longer manufactured and that Intel has gotten
out of the "kid's" market.

* Galen Hussey brought in a new calculator that has an embedded Z-80 chip!
It is the TI83+.

* Clint Bridges brought in the Robot Builder's Sourcebook. This is an
excellent book and is very current. It cost him $25 and is a good resource
for anyone looking to build robots.

Clint Bridges brought in the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner by iRobots, Inc. He
was able to have a demonstration run in which the Roomba collected tea off
of the tile floor. He also showed the electronic "wall" that sends out a
beam and keeps the robot from going past. The robot costs about $199 and is
going to be available from several distributors.

Mini-Sumo Contest:

Since there was only one contestant, Delta Force, Dale just gave a
short demo of Delta Force pushing objects off the ring.

Don't forget that nominations for the 2003 officers will start in October.
Please warn anyone that you intend to nominate as this requires a HUGE
commitment from the person elected. Elections are to be held at the December
meeting with the new officers taking their positions for the January

Also, if anyone has a suggestion for a meeting place, please take the next
step and find out whom we can contact and see if it is a viable location for
us. Contact Richard or Frank directly if you need help in talking to someone
about allowing the meetings. Thank you all for your help during this
difficult time.

After the regular meeting, there was a 30-minute discussion about the rules

We will make an announcement concerning the next meeting, since we have no
idea where it will be held. It is scheduled for October 26th, 2002 from 10AM
until Noon. Please watch the web page and/or the listbot.