Date & Location
27 November 1999
Tech America
5600 Buford Highway
Doraville, GA
Meeting Attendance (21)

Officers present
Barry Ward, President
Frank Borowiec, Vice President
Charlie Oldham, Secretary

Club Business
Barry Ward announced that nominations for club officers are still 
open and invited additions.  Calvin Grier nominated Paul Burrell 
for vice president.  Barry Ward's tentative nomination of 
Clint Bridges for Treasurer has been accepted, so the nominations 
now stand as:

Barry Ward	President
Frank Borowiec	Vice President
Paul Burrell	Vice President
Richard Bodor	Secretary
Clint Bridges	Treasurer

Barry Ward mentioned that the Stone Mountain Ham Fest, he attended 
recently, was about the same as last year but Frank Borowiec 
thought it was probably smaller.

Dale Heatherington reported that the Atlanta Ham Fest had moved to 
the Marietta Fir Grounds and was the worst Ham Fest he'd seen.

Calvin Grier gave a Robot Rally report.  There were 8 or 9 people 
in attendance at the committee meeting.  Porter Sadler has not yet 
finished the rules for a Lego Mindstorms competition.  The 
committee is working on a press kit to be released to newspapers, 
radio, TV, etc.  A new person at Sci-Trek is responsible for 
publicity and has been assigned to the Robot Rally.  
Frank Borowiec mentioned the idea of having a "3-ring circus" 
type of presentation where  multiple competition arenas would 
be used to eliminate some of the dead time between individual runs.  
Ken Thomas of Alliance (manufacturers representative for MicroChip) 
will announce prizes to be available.

Barry Ward 

Show & Tell
Calvin Grier showed two books "Robots, Androids, & Animatrons" and 
"The Unofficial Guide to Lego Mindstorms Robots."  Both are 
published by O'Reilly.

Dale Heatherington showed his vacuum robot.  It uses a Eureka "The Boss" 
vacuum cleaner and Skil screwdriver motors for the drive system.  It will 
have one or more PICs programmed in C or assembler and will probably run 
a random pattern.

Sean Hussey showed a Lego Mindstorms robot that has a basketball hoop 
and a mechanism to return the ball.

Noah Witherspoon also showed a Lego Mindstorms robot that was 
controlled by an IR remote control.

Paul Burrell showed the (unassembled) parts for his robot vacuum cleaner.  
He plans to use a Hitachi microprocessor to map the room to approximately 
1 inch.  He estimated that it should only take three or four minutes to 
clean the room after mapping.  To make parts from sheet aluminum, he used 
3M Super 77 spray adhesive (from Home Depot) to hold printed paper CAD 
patterns on the aluminum while it was cut and drilled.  The adhesive was 
removed Gook-Gone.

Len Burleson showed a simple base using motors obtained from Marlin P Jones 
and powered by small 6 volt batteries he obtained from Austin Electronics.

Barry Ward "described" his plans to use an Atmel AVR microprocessor chip 
for motor control in his vacuum robot.

Frank Borowiec plans an RF link between his vacuum robot and a lap-top 
computer.  He is also planning to use sonar beacons in each corner of 
the room to triangulate the robot position along with a Vector 2X compass 
to determine the direction it is facing.

Greg Aksamit mentioned an Israeli company that has a robot 
lawnmower - Robo-Mow.  It costs ~$700 and uses perimeter wires and 
bump sensors to navigate.  Details are at

Calvin Grier invited anyone who is interested in receiving meeting 
notices to join the listserver at the club web site.

No video was shown due to "technical glitches," i.e., no one brought one.

Technical Presentation

Freya Harris gave a presentation on Lego Mindstorms that described 
the kit and showed how the microcontroller unit is programmed using 
the supplied Windows-based software and IR link.

Monthly Contest
The line-following contest was not held due to a lack of competitors.