Meeting Minutes, AHRC, May 25, 2002

The meeting was held at Scitrek, in the Orientation Room
Officers present:
Frank Borowiec - president
Richard Bodor - vice president
Clint Bridges - Treasurer


Club Business
Frank made introductions.
Richard discussed the Atlanta Hobby day - to be held on August 22nd from
10am until about 4pm. We have a sign up sheet for volunteers. volunteers
will be needed for robot demonstrations and to answer questions from the
attendees. Richard is preparing a new handout (tri-fold) for the event.
This event will replace our monthly meeting. We will provide details as soon
as we have them.

listbot issues? Richard and a few others have some issues with the listbot
and are unable to receive or send messages to the listbot. Richard will
investigate a new listbot provider.

meeting schedule:
The next meeting (June) will be held at Scitrek, although
confirmation will be sent via the listbot. July is to tentatively be held at
Automation Direct. The August meeting will be the Atlanta Hobby Day event
(see above). September we expect to have the meeting at Southern Tech.

new sponsors:
Solution Cubed. They have sent some equipment for us to experiment with.
This equipment will be made availabel to the RBNO group for future projects
and to get the club robot going.

New  attendees:
Bill and Trevor Bently - found out from Frank.

Robomars update:
Keith showed the latest version of the rover which has better battery
life, uses a method of determining if it is stuck and uses an escape mode
during the break, the group will take a look at the exhibit and give
feedback to keith.

T-Zero  Dales battle bot was
brought in and it did not burn up.  Actually this is a pretty interesting robot
that will make its first scheduled appearance at DragonCon in September

Treasurer's report:
there was no treasurer's report this month.

Frank brought in a tape of  the Scientific American 2001 episode of robot
soccer and submarine. Clint was at this competition in Seattle and gave a
good first person perspective.

Show and Tell:
Joshua brought in his robot lemonade - this is a sumo bot that will
compete today.

Frank brought in the donated parts from solution-cubed. He also brought in
a dual motor drive train. We need to develop a club bot.

Keith discussed the Scitrek exhibit (this is the mars rover exhibit). it
has been reported that it will only run for 30 minutes. the new bot has
twice as much amp/hours. it needs to run all day long, but that is really a
tough challenge. there is also a switch that measures that if the motors are
running the camera turns on.

Mini-Sumo Contest
Lemonade competed against Delta Force. It made an impressive attempt,
but delta force is still undefeated as sumo champion.

The next meeting will be held at Scitrek.