Minutes:	Atlanta Hobby Robot Club 
Date:		07/29/2000 
Location:	Radioshack.com 
Officers in attendance: 
	Barry Ward, President 
	Frank Borowiec, Vice President 
	Richard Bodor, Secretary 
	Clint Bridges, Treasurer 

XX attendees 

Around the room: 
	Clint discussed the Robot Rally rules change to lower the walls to improve 
	visibility for the spectators. The membership seemed mixed. A rules 
	committee (tried in February meeting) was selected to present changes to 
	the membership. Paul and Clint will be on this committee. 
	Calvin discussed the listbot, and that it seemed to be working correctly.  
The Video presentation: 
	a) Cognachrome vision recognition card 
Barry showed his I-opener hacked with Win98 
Frank showed his "garage sale" radio shack robot with the CD-ROM voice. 
This robot was used in a SciTrek demonstration. 
Dale Heatherington gave a seminar about a possible homing beacon robot using IR. 
Calvin presented the "Beacon" contest rules for the monthly meetings. 
	www.listbot.com(AHRC1) - AHRC listbot services 
	www.botlanta.org - AHRC home page 
	www.wa4dsy.net/robot/vacuum/index.html - information and schematics for the IR beacon by Dale.