01/26/02 AHRC monthly meeting

Official minutes

Officers in attendance:

Frank Borowiec - president

Bob Baxter- co vice-president

Clint Bridges - treasurer

Richard Bodor - secretary

Introduction: Frank welcomed the new officers and mentioned that
membership dues are help annually and are due now.

Club Business - Richard made a proposal that officers are not required 
to pay membership fees beginning in 2003, asked for a vote. A vote was 
taken and passed with a show of hands.

Robot Rally report- There is a volunteer drive and everyone is asked to
sign up for something. Also, there is an entry drive - all builders
should be entering their robots online. The prizes were discussed and an
appeal was made to the membership to find corporate sponsors. Anyone
that can make contact with sponsor for prizes should contact Frank, as
head of the Prize committee. Collateral material was shown again, and
copies will be made available to the members that need them. These
tri-fold brochures were donated by Netplanner. SciTrek has been very
good about promotion and we have hopes for good coverage in the next few
weeks. The rally will begin at noon on February 9th, 2002 at SciTrek.
Robots should be there by 11am, and volunteers should be prepared to
arrive at 10am on day of the rally. A few volunteers are needed at 9am
for setup and the times are noted on the sign-up sheet.

Meeting location - We are officially losing the Radioshack.com location
for meetings and we suspect that this will be the last meeting to be
held here. We have certificates of appreciation for the managers of the
store and are giving them t-shirts Our best guess as to the next meeting
place is SciTrek. We will know more soon and will communicate this with
an email to the listbot and we will try to make a notation on the web
page. If anyone has an idea for a location, please take the next step
and contact them for the club. Get a good contact name and number and as
much information as possible before sending it to an officer or the

RBNO Report - Clint gave a report. As we get closer to the robot rally,
people are starting to build things. We had two in January. For a
complete schedule, please see the web site.

Scitrek Homeschooler's Day - We had a great presentation at SciTrek.
Pictures and text are on the ftp site.  John Marting, Galen Hussey, Sean
Hussey, Jarod Hussey, and David Hussey, Frank Borowiec, and Richard
showed several robots, had a sumo contest and answered questions about
robots to a large group of homeschoolers. This was sponsored by SciTrek.

Treasurer's report - we still have money in the bank. Dues are $20 for
adults and $10 for seniors and students. Our big expenses are coming up.

SciTrek exhibit - Don Brown gave a quick summary of the robot "mars
rover" exhibit. Next action items - we will be talking to SciTrek next
week and will give them some touch screen information.

New members - Liam, found it on the internet. Amy MacGregor came to a
few RBNOs and this is her first meeting.

video - no video today due to a lack of working equipment.

networking - presentation of certificate of appreciation for managers of 

Around the Room: John Marting brought in BAT with some modifications.
Calvin said that Hitachi has a new processor that will be low cost and 
high performance and will work with visual basic. This will be a 20MHz
product but it is too early to talk about. Dale Heatherington brought in
Delta Force with some changes since the last time including more power.
Nicholas Frank brought in Norbert. Sean Hussey brought in his
transmission robot with some changes, but it is not currently running. 
Jarod Hussey brought in a bunch of capacitors. Liam is sponsoring a 
robot contest "Science Olympiad" to be held at Georgia State University. 
Galen Hussey brought his head mounted display. It is not exactly working 
completely yet.


Norbert vs. Delta Force - Delta Force won 1st, delta force won 2nd, 
Norbert won 3rd.

Norbert vs. bat - Norbert won 1st, Norbert won 2nd.There was a do over. 
Bat won 3rd.

Delta Force vs. bat - delta force won 1st, delta force won 2nd, delta 
force won 3rd.

Delta Force is the winner again. Next contest will be at the robot 

We will see you all there.