Officers in attendance:
Frank borowiec - president
Barry ward - vice-president
Richard bodor - vice-president
Clint bridges - treasurer
Calvin grier - secretrary

25 attendees

Club business:
Robot rally report from Calvin Grier - summarization will be in the listbot
email. Go to the web page to sign up to the  listbot. The robot rally is
next week (feb 3rd). It will be a 2 ring circus this year. Rules change was
explained. Judges (first 20 only) must judge every contestant. We need more
robots at the rally. Calvin made an appeal for a lot of robots. Education
about robots is one of our main charters so we need robots and robot pieces
- even those that are not competing (or even working). Clint showed the
plaques for the first place winners. There was some discussion about the

New visitors:
Norman Chambers - found us through email.
Bruce Hannah - graduate of ga tech

Video time - this is a copy of the channel 5 coverage  on RBNO. This was a
great spot promting the club and the Rally 2001

New contest - several ideas are being sent to committee - headed by Paul
- Moving target for beacon finding robots
- Mini sumo contest
- Open contest goals
(bob baxter volunteered for the committee.)

Show and tell:
1) Barry Showed new material (expanded pvc sheet) available from re-supply,
near austen electronics.
2) Richard Bodor, jr. Showed his cybiko, a new hand-held wireless device
that costs $99
3) Galen Hussey showed gameboy vision system. Made parallel port hook up.
4) Sean Hussey - showed automatic pump system. Part of the mindstorms kit.
5) Paul Burrell showed his vacuum bot.
6) Frank Borowiec brought a bag of goodies for distribution to the

Break - networking period

After the break our featured presenter was calvin grier and his new aibo
ER-210. Abio managed to chase his ball and make amusing sounds and gestures
for the crowd. He even showed off his ability to recognize spoken commands.

Contest: in the final beacon finding contest, Bob Baxter showed his
"goofball" robot which finished the contest with a time of 5.42 seconds. The
prize was a $50 bill.