Feb 23, 2002 - meeting ran from 10am until 12noon

officers present:
Frank Borowiec
Richard Bodor
Clint Bridges
Paul Burrell
Bob Baxter


Frank made introductions. This is our first meeting held at SciTrek and we
want to thank the management and staff of SciTrek for making this space
available. The March meeting will also be held at SciTrek, and we want all
members to try and make it to these meetings. Our April meeting will be held
at Automation Direct - a local manufacturer or automation devices. Frank and
Richard toured their facilities and they are an excellent company with great
opportunity for our club. More details about Automation Direct will be given
at the March meeting.

Club Business:
Rally update - Richard reported that this year's Robot Rally was an
unqualified success. The rally could not have been a success without the
great support of the members, our sponsors : NetPlanner Systems donated
prizes and materials as well as financial support; AVHQ donated all the
video and sound equipment; SciTrek, of course, for hosting the Rally, and
Prime Computers and Radio Shack for helping the club so much in preparation
for the rally. Also the Robot Rally Committee deserves a round of applause
for their efforts in making this the best Rally ever. We will have a meeting
to "debrief" on the rally so that we can have an even better one next year.
If the members have any feedback concerning the Rally, please give this to
Frank or Richard so that we can include it with our summary of the rally.
Frank and Richard handed out award certificates. Still to be delivered -
certificates for Dale and Keith (we ran out of paper - sorry)

Treasurer's Report:
We do not have a complete tally from the membership drive during the Rally,
nor are we exactly sure on the entry fee total, but we will have that as
soon as Clint can get the receipt book from John Marting.

Other Club Business:
Ron Drew is at this meeting - he is from automation direct. This is a new
meeting place up 400 that will be switched off from Scitrek.
Don Brown and Keith Rowell discussed the SciTrek Mars Rover exhibit. Keith
brought in the mock-up of the tethered robot and Don and Keith answered
questions about the exhibit.

New Attendees:
John Moon- found us on the net, Richard Reese - Michael Reese - found us on
the internet,
John Beach, Harrison Beach, Joseph and Steven, Ron Drew. Many of these new
attendees came to the Robot Rally and are checking out the club. Harrison
was one of the winners of the Open Competition.

Good Day Atlanta coverage pre-rally - Brett Martin and the road warrior
covers the robot rally.
News coverage from channel 5 and 11 about the Rally.

Around the Room:
Sean Hussey brought in his 2-speed transmission bot. he answered questions
from the audience.
also brought in Robor's Bane
Royce Pipkins brought in his prize - cyclone kit. He also brought in some
parts for his new robot Secundo - for sumo. He also brought in UNO for the
sumo competition
Daniel Shaeffer - CMU cam - does some sophisticated image processing. See
Seattle robotics.com
The attendees considered some robot contest ideas. We also took a show of
hands for the ideas to see which deserved further investigation. The show of
hands total is next to the idea below:
"Hurdle" contest - 15
Micro-mouse maze contest - 9
"Can-can" Navigation, object recognition - 17
Larger Sumo - 11
Robot Pong - 5
"Battle" bots / Laser tag? - 12
Hack a kit/toy - 7

Robot Contest - Sumo
Uno, Robor's Bane and Delta Force competed.
Uno beat robor's bane.
Delta Force beat Uno.
Next meeting is march 30th - to be held here at SciTrek.

After the meeting, several members used the room to discuss the SciTrek Mars
Rover project and some other members went to the Intel Clubhouse to work on
the SIG - Lego Users Group. SciTrek has some Lego Mindstorm kits and we have
volunteered to help show them how to use the equipment. The Hussey's among
others joined in and I am sure gave a great introduction. We will try to
have the SIG after the March meeting as well.