Minutes:	Atlanta Hobby Robot Club 
Date:		02/26/2000 
Location:	Radioshack.com 
Officers in attendance: 
	Barry Ward, President 
	Frank Borowiec, Vice President 
	Richard Bodor, Secretary 
	Clint Bridges, Treasurer 
Introduction of new attendees: 
	Tyler Waldrop, Dale Waldrop, Bruce Torelli, Mike Downy 
Clint spoke about the combat Robots issue of the robotics magazine.
Barry gave a quick orientation to the new members. 
Wednesday, March 15th is identified as the next engineer's night out.
Frank handed out a survey for direction ideas from the club members. 

Clint gave a Treasurer's report and discussed our non-profit status. 
The members discussed the recent Robot Rally and the awards. Clint 
passed out the plaques that needed names engraved. 
Paul Burrell suggested a Robot Builder's Night Out at least 
once a month. Suggestions for additional competitions during the year. 
This has been passed to the PR committee. A suggestion from the 
floor to pursue University support has also been passed to the PR committee. 
Committees were assigned as follows: 
	Robot Rally committee - Frank Borowiec and Richard Bodor 
	Public Relations committee - Clint Bridges and Richard Bodor 
	Rules committee - Paul Burrell and Barry Ward 

The Hussey's showed off their lego stuff. Paul brought and presented 
his "un-named, the robot" which WOULD have been at the vacuum cleaner contest. 
Frank showed his Vac O Matic 2000, this year's winner in the vacuum cleaner contest. 
Richard requested help from all the members to join up in one of the committees. 
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