12/29/01 AHRC meeting minutes

Officers Present:
Frank Borowiec - President
Richard Bodor - Co-Vice President
Clint Bridges - Treasurer
24 attendees

Frank made introductions and explained agenda to the attendees.

Club Business -
Treasurer's report - Clint gave a quick report on club finances.  Club
membership is due on January of the year. robot rally report - Richard
and Frank gave a report on the SciTrek meeting. Don Brown gave a
report Richard asked for volunteers for the home-schooling program at
scitrek to be held on january 9th, 2002. Nominations continue. There
were no new nominations. Elections were held. the new officers for
2002 are:

President:  Frank Borowiec
Co-Vice Presidents:  Bob Baxter and Paul Burrell
Secretary:  Richard Bodor
Treasurer:  Clint Bridges

The next meeting will be coordinated by the new officers. The club
wants to thank the outgoing officers, who served selflessly over the
past year. The club's thanks go out to Frank Borowiec, Richard Bodor,
Barry Ward, Calvin Grier, and Clint Bridges.

The web pages have been updated to reflect the new events for 2002.
Richard brought in a copy of the tri-fold collateral material provided
to SciTrek. Richard also passed around a sign up sheet for the robot
rally staff positions. staff will be given a t-shirt and free entry to
scitrek on the day of the robot rally. Frank mentioned that during the
upcoming robot rally, we want all contestants to have a table and some
printed material about their robot ready for the attendees to evaulate
the robots during the competition.

Clint will be posting a new RBNO schedule on the web page.

New Members -
Katherine Marting - heard about the club through her father.

Video - no video

Show and tell - Ringo has brought some freebies in it included lav
microphones, some dc adapters, and some rs-232 cables. Royce brought
in Uno for the sumo competition. Galen Hussey brought some freebies in
from the GA Tech physics lab. Jared Hussey brought in a Lego train
Nicholas Frank brought in a new sumo bot called Norbert. I has a lance
and this unit replaces Frankenstein. John Marting brought in BAT, his
mini-sumo. Also he got mindstorms for xmas and made a sumo Yellow
Dragon. Sean Hussey brought in his transmission bot, he uses parts
from several lego kits.Don Brown brought in a thumb drive - its a hard
drive that hooks up to a usb port.

There was no presentation

Mini-Sumo Contest:
There were 6 competitors:
· Delta Force
· Yellow Dragon
· Norbert
· Robor's Bane
· Uno
 Delta Force won.
 Check the web page for pictures and full results.

The next meeting is Saturday January 26, 2002.

NOTE:After the meeting, we were informed that the meetings will no
longer be held at Radioshack.com. The club members are thankful to
Radioshack for providing such a nice meeting location for the past few