Minutes:	Atlanta Hobby Robot Club 
Date:		08/24/2000 
Location:	Radioshack.com 
Officers in attendance: 
	Barry Ward, President 
	Richard Bodor, Secretary 
	Clint Bridges, Treasurer 
XX attendees 
There were nominations for the new officers for 2001: 
	President: 	Frank Borowiec 
	Vice President:	Richard Bodor 
	Treasurer:	Clint Bridges 

Nominations are accepted from all members and MAY BE REFUSED BY THE NOMINEE. 
Apparently, the "term-limits" suggested by Richard were unable to include
being nominated to another position. 
Tony Terrell demonstrated his Combat Bot. 
Around the room: 
	Richard requested that the results from the Rules committee be 
	finalized and submitted to the members as soon as possible to 
	allow discussion and voting in time for the designers to 
	incorporate any changes. Barry said that he would talk to Paul 
	about this. 
The Video presentation: 
	Taped highlights of the Battle Bots brought by tony terrell. 
Barry gave a seminar on PIC Basic 
The Beacon contest has been established with $50 in "gold" dollar coins
as the prize. There were three contestants, but no winners. It was 
established that the prize money would roll over to the next month's meeting. 
Barry Ward has promised to bring the "orientation" keys which are used to 
decide the robot's starting position. Also decided was that the contestants 
were allowed 2 tries each, due to the amount of time left.  
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