04/28/01 AHRC meeting minutes
Officers Present:
Frank Borowiec - President
Richard Bodor - Co-Vice President
Clint Bridges - Treasurer
19 attendees

Club Business -
Clint gave the treasurer's report  - Club financials are not released on the web page.
For full financial information, please contact an officer ofthe club. Also, we still
need to get a banner produced, as the vote to purchase same was made last year.
Richard suggested southern tailors since they can make a cloth banner. Richard and
Clint will work on this item.

Frank mentioned that we have an opportunity to make a permanent display at Scitrek.
Don Brown is heading up the committee on this display. Frank has been trying to
contact Jane at Scitrek. Any members interested in working on this display should
contact Don Brown or Frank Borowiec.

New Members -
we had three new attendees at the meeting:

Nick Frank  found out about the club through the battlebots web site.
AJ Whitney and Dusty Whitney - found us through a search on the internet.

Clint gave a report on the last RBNO. PWM and motor control was
covered in a round table format at Netplanner. He explained what
the RBNO was for the new attendees. The next RBNO is in a couple of
weeks, with the date on the internet web page. The upcoming topic has
not been decided. Frank asked for ideas for future RBNO - one of them
could be a review of other RBNOs.

Monthly Contest -
There have been 2 suggestions - a mini-sumo and a "maxi-sumo".
The central Illinois robots club and the seattle robotics club.
The Portland site is setting up a mini sumo kit. About half the
attendees want to go with the sumo.

Video -
Extreme robots 3 -

Show and tell -
Clint brought in some spare copies fo the robot science and technology
magazine purchase by netplanner.. the Encode is an online newsletter of
the seattle robotics club. Clint brought a small keypad based controller
for the "SPI-pad" has a 2x16 display.(photo made).used for motor-mind B.

Chris Carter - Clint and he are working on the double sided tape version
of linkx motion legs. They have made of aluminum - it is really large

(picture made).

Bob Baxter brought in the current copy of design news - a free design magazine

Dale brought in his new robot using sonar as a sensor wanted to do wall following
or something. He looked into sonar and bought a polaroid sonar module. He was not
impressed because it had a range of 1.3 feet to 35 feet. It is a variable pulse width.
Takes 80 milliseconds to get a result. One of the sensors he found has a far wider
angle of use. It goes 6.5 inches to 5.5 feet. One transmitter and two receivers
on each side uses a 16c73 PIC  chip.  (several pictures made)

Sean Hussey - worked on a science research that follows people. Uses the bobot base
and stamp 2 uses frequency sweep. He wrote a compiler that takes rsx code into an exe.

Frank Borowiec brought in a collection of research that he has done in finding the
location of a robot.