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Next General Meeting:

General meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  The next general meeting will be held on March 17, 2018 10AM until noon at Pinckneyville Community Center.   Everyone is welcome!  Membership is not required to attend meetings.



 We will have a RBMO (Robot Builders Morning Out) on Saturday Mar. 3rd at the main meeting locaiton  10am till noon. 






Want to build a robot but have no clue how to get started?  Check out our Beginners links.



Slides from  Robot Drive Systems presentation 2/17/18


Slides from the Designing Circuit Boards in Eagle presentation.


Build blog for the Bibimbot Mini Sumo bot.


Slides from OpenSCAD presentation.


Slides from Controlling Mini Sumo with a sequencer presentation. 


Slides from the Raspberry Pi introduction presentation.


Caliper abuse for beginners by Charles Guan.   How to use dial calipers to do accurate layout work.


More in the Publications and Presentations section.









Photos from previous meetings





William Moore is working on this 1 cubic inch Micro-Sumo bot








At the Sept 2016 meeting William Moore demonstrated his analog line following robot.  Click here for details.





pi-plates demo

At the May 2016 meeting Jerry Wasinger demonstrated his PI-Plates motor driver

board for Raspberry Pi




William Moore demonstrated his  Meccanoid G15KS at the April 2016 meeting



Luis talked about his latest robots at the April 2015 meeting.





William Moore showed his latest creation, a pulsed IR object sensor board for his Zumo bot.

It has 7 IR LEDs and 3 photo transistors and talks to the main CPU via I2C.





RepRap Mendel

Mark Fuller gave a presentation and demonstration of his RepRap 3D printer.  (Click image to enlarge)

Dale Heatherington showed off his 10 GHZ radio beacon finder.




Open House 2009


2009 open house2009 open house

2009 open house2009 open house




August 2008 meeting Pictures

Damon Padgent TRS

Damon Padgett (TRS) talked about his line of tactical police robots.


Charles Guan's bots

Charles Guan (right) shows off his fleet of combat bots,  Uberclocker, Pop Quiz and Nuclear Kitten


Uberclocker (30#)

Pop Quiz and NK5

3 pound Nuclear Kitten 5 and 1 pound Pop Quiz 2






Older stuff



Robot Rally Contest Scores,photos and videos:



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