Open Competition

Our Open Competition is available for any robot! Innovation is rewarded. A panel of expert judges evaluates your robot based upon your criteria.   Sorry, due to safety restrictions, no open flames are allowed.

Click here to see some examples of entries from the 2006 Robot Rally


Judges score sheet

Open Competition scoring formula

   (sum  (achievement scores for each judge ) ) * .30
+ (sum  (Complexity scores for each judge )) * .30
+ (sum  (novelty scores for each judge)) * .15
+ (sum  (quality scores for each judge ) * .15
- touches * 2
+ Cost factor  * .1
Where Cost Factor (CF):
  if cost <$100, CF=  judge_count*10
  if cost <$200, CF=  judge_count*8
  if cost <$500, CF=  judge_count*6
  if cost <$1000, CF=  judge_count*4
  if cost =><$1000, CF=  judge_count*2





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