AHRC Robotic Line Maze Competition


AHRC Robotic Line Maze Competition - This event requires navigation skills and speed.

Objective: The robot must navigate a maze from a starting point to the finishing square.

Robot: The max size of 12”x12” square or 14” Diameter with a max height of 18”.  Maximum weight of 20 pounds.

Arena: The maze will have the following specifications:
1. No Walls.
2. White background with black lines.
3. Black line are made with ¾ inch Black Electrical Tape.
4. The maze will be laid out with a 10” x 10” grid.
5. Corners and Non-Intersecting lines will be separated by at least 10” Centers.  Lines no closer that 10” from arena edge.
6. 4 way intersections are allowed.
7. The Finishing Square is 4” by 4” solid black square with it’s center on the 10” grid.  It will always be at the perimeter of the maze.
8. Starting points will always be at the perimeter.
9. Loops are allowed.
10. All lines will be straight.  All corners and intersections will be at 90 deg angles.
11. Maze must be designed and built by a non-competitor.
12. No programming between runs; however, mode switches are allowed.
13. Maximum Arena Dimensions is 144” x 72”

Starting: The contestant will place the robot at the designated starting point of the maze.  Sensor calibration is permitted using the a maze line or finishing square and it does not count against time.

Timing: The time will be the best of 2 or 3 attempts. Time stops when any part of the robot follows the line to and over the goal.

Attempts: The contestant are encouraged to run all attempts consecutively; however, they may pass to next contestant.

Permissible Items: The robot may “look” at the adjacent lines.

Restricted Items:
1. Short cutting: The robot may not cut from one path to another.  Robots must act as if walls existed between the lines (judge’s have discretion in this matter).
2. Breadcrumbs: The robot may not leave any form of markers on the playing field
3. Robots that leave the line (and do not recover the line) will have that attempt marked Did Not Finish (DNF). (judge’s have discretion in this matter).
Scoring: The Fastest time wins!
Penalty: There is a 10 second penalty for not stopping at the Finish Square.
Dimension Tolerance: All Center to Center dimensions have a tolerance of +/-½”.

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