Object of the game: What is a polyathlon?


Polyathlon is a series of contests or events similar to the athletic decathlon where robots compete to determine the best over all performers. Each contest will be scored based on performance and then the scores totaled to determine the over all winner. The number of contests in our polyathlon may change each year. Contests are designed and selected to have conflicting optimization parameters. For example finding and pushing targets favors a wide robot but avoiding obstacles favors a narrow robot.

Each contest is fairly simple so that everyone has a chance to compete. A robot need not compete in every contest but will get zero points for contests not entered.


All of the contests in polyathlon are individual events. That is to say individually timed and measured, as opposed to head to head matches.


Click here for the complete rule set in PDF format 



Update Oct 26 2016

Here is the new graphic for the dead reckoning course that's not yet in the rules.  The only change is the no-go pylons are moved beyond the start line and are 3.5 inches in diameter.   They also house the timer electronics.



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