Sep 1995

AHRC - Atlanta Hobby Robot Club meeting notes 9-30-95
09:00 am The meeting was started

John Gutmann showed a video tape of the GEMINI robot from Artec.
This tape uses alot of time showing the LCD screen and talking about
what is on the LCD screen. Then we see the robot navigate its way
through a doorway. The robot itself looks really good, with its
head rotating back and forth scanning for optical beacons and
scanning with ultrasonics.

John Manges (Doc) brought a video tape of a robot he built called
ROBOCAM. Doc used a construction toy and attached a video camera to the
front of the bucket. Doc programmed the robot using APL software.
Doc would call out the commands using his voice. And the computer
would echo the command using its own voice and then execute the command.
Doc was given a standing ovation for his effort. "Way to go Doc!!!
Keep up the good work!!!" Doc agreed to bring in the robot and give a
static demo. It would take too much to bring in all the computer
stuff to the next meeting.

This months theme is Meeting Attending and Preparation.
John Gutmann handed out the PM DM AM sheets which describe
how to Prepare for a Meeting, what to do During a Meeting,
and what to do After a Meeting.
Bill Raser brought in 2 of the OWI robot kits he had assembled.
Bill demonstrated one on the floor and the other on a table.
You could clap your hands and it would move forward. The other
walked on 4 legs on the floor. One of the kits had all the
electronics printed circuit cards completely built, and what you
had to do was assemble the mechanical parts.
A few people were not at the last meeting, so copies of the
L293D IC chip schematics were handed out again.
John Gutmann handed out copies of the Vector 2X compass module
from ( Precision Navigation INC ) This unit costs $50.00 in single
quantities. It is a small circuit that provides digital compass
bearing of 0 to 360 degrees. Software is available for interfacing
to the 68c705 micro computer. This is an excellant way for your
robot to determine which direction it is facing. For more information
read bulletin 40 on the Robot R4U BBS 404-978-7300.
Copies of the 1996 AUVS flying robot contest were handed out.
Ringo Davis said that he will be on the GA Tech team for 1996.
The rules have changed from last year. So you will need to examine
them closer.

John Gutmann announced that he was notified that the rules for the
1996 Fire fighting contest are available from Jake Mendhelshhon.
For more information contact
If you need printed copies, they are also available.

Andrew Tracy showed up at our meeting. He found out about us through
the INTERNET postings about the club. Andrew brought along his dad
to check out the activities. We encourage more fathers to bring their

sons to the meeting.
John Gutmann brought in a ROBOCAN ( Yes thats CAN as in beer CAN )
that he bought for 4 dollars. It was a toy that you put a beer can
as the body, and attached a top and a bottom to it and the whole
thing looked like a robot.

Calvin Grier brought back Johns Nintendo glove that he checked
out for him. Discussion is ongoing about changing the connectors
for the IBM joystick port.

A brochure for the Futaba MC210CB FET motor control amp was handed
out and then discussed. This motor controller is used on model race
cars. The input to the module is the output of a R/C receiver.
Normally the output of a R/C receiver goes to a R/C servo. The servo
output only goes from neutral to plus 90 or neutral to minus 90. The
wheel on a servo only goes so far in one direction and back so far
in the other direction.
But when the servo is connected to this MC210CB motor controller a
different situation exists. This controller causes a motor to go
either continuously in a clockwise direction or continuously in a
counter-clockwise direction. When the joystick is in the neutral
position the motor does not have voltage applied to cause rotation
in either direction.

Getting this idea across in the meeting took awhile, because
most people were familiar with the old paradigm of the servo.
Getting the idea that the motor rotated past 90 all the way to
360 and continue again and again in the same direction was hard
to accept.
John Blankenship brought in a BSC-1 stamp microcomputer for about
$39.00. John described this as an excellant starter micro.
Ringo Davis brought in his 6 legged robot. He has made progress
since the last time. Now he has added the gear train and motors
for both sides.

John Gutmann showed a stackable modular robot frame for small
robots is the 7 inch diameter range. Modules are held together
using small C clamps.

Charles Redwine showed the partially populated Printed card
he made for the robot control bus designed by John W. Gutmann.
Charles also handed out a few of the D/A board he made.
James Gravely decided to build one of the D/A cards.
James copied the software that Charles had written.
Calvin Grier brought in a 386 micro he is prepareing for a robot
controller. This board is about 5 inches by 8 inches. It has vga
controller, floppy and hard disk controller, par and ser ports, and
uses a EURO connector to supply leads in and out.
Freya Harris brought in a sample flyer she prepared for the club.
The flyer looked great and with a few additions of phone numbers
and contact names, we will use it to promote the club.
Ed Larson brought in a small B&W camera ( 1.5 by 1.5 by .5 ) that he
bought from a company here in Atlanta. He had a monitor connected
to it and turned out the lights to show how good the camera was with a
low lux light level. This camera also works in the infrared range.
Charles Redwine had made a linear screw table that was driven by
a stepper motor. Charles used his software to drive the stepper
using a printed circuit driver card he designed.
One of our members was supposed to bring in a video tape for another
member to look at over the next few weeks. How ever this individual
forgot the video tape, even after being called the very same morning
just minutes befor the meeting. This member shall remain un-named
as to protect his identity. {:)

Sure hope he does not forget again next month........ hint.. hint.....
John Gutmann brought in his HERO JR so that Andrew Tracy could see it.
Andrew is looking to buy a HERO. So if you have one to sell contact
Andrew at
During the break Ringo described the additions and changes he made
to his robot.

Charles Redwine demonstrated his D/A board and software which played
music on the computers internal speaker and then used the D/A board
to play music on a tv audio amplifier and speaker.
Freya Harris attached a voltmeter to the output of the D/A board
while Charles poked values to the par port. Freya was able to
measure the out change with the voltmeter.
The room we meet in is now starting to get pretty full.
During this meeting we all noticed an increase in the exchange
of information and discussion.

John Gutmann as usual, was taking photographs during the meeting.
During break we had apple cider and coffee.
Some comments were made about the lack of Sodas during the break.
Looks like we need a volunteer to bring sodas to the next meeting.
Would someone step forward and help out?
John Gutmann brought in 2 gear reduced motors from ( Bonnhert)
these motors are really small and nifty. Only about 1.5 by .75
inches. they run on 6 volts and are really strong. If you are
interested contact ( Bruce Bohnert at email: bbohn... AT )

Bruce Bohnert
2403 Colonial Ridge
Friendswood, TX 77546
He is asking $20.00 a motor. They are precision made and durable.
As usual the Novice, General, and Advanced class question forms
were handed out to new visitors.
Our next months theme is "Call Members" during this months meeting
we handed out the phone number and Email address of everyone who signed
in to the meeting. The idea is share information outside of the
meeting time, by calling other members in between meetings.
Dont just wait till a meeting to share what you know.
Edited by John W. Gutmann
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Member of REAL - Robot Experimenter Amateur League.
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