Meeting Minutes, AHRC, November 23, 2002
Officers present:
Bob Baxter - Co-Vice-president
Paul Burrell - Co-Vice-president
Richard Bodor - Secretary
Attendees: 24
Introduction: Bob Baxter gave a brief summary of the club for new attendees
and gives a description of the agenda.
Club Business
Atlanta Hobby Day - August 23rd, instead of the monthly meeting.
Treasurer's Report - Member's dues are collected at time of sign-up and
renewed at the beginning of the calendar year. Dues are currently $20/year,
$10/year for students and senior citizens.
Robot Rally© Committee Report - the upcoming Robot Rally© will require
great effort from all the club members.
A sign-up sheet will be distributed. Any questions concerning the rally
should be directed to the Robot Rally© Committee Chairman. Robots that are
to be entered in the rally should be announced AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to allow
scheduling of the competitions. For complete rules and qualifications,
contestants should visit our web site.
Web site has seen major updates including  New schedule for Event
Calendar, Links, On-line Registration, Official Rules.
Even if you think you know the rules, check the web site.
Pre-rally promotion. Setting up Good Morning Atlanta at SciTrek again this
year. Members should be prepared to go to SciTrek early one morning prior
to the rally for media coverage.
Recent publication/promotion - There was a news article in the Gwinnett
copy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution about Clint, Ringo and the club
Nominations: (Elections held in December)
President - Frank Borowiec
Co-Vice Presidents - Galen Hussey, Nicholas Frank, Paul Burrell
Treasurer - Clint Bridges
Secretary - Richard Bodor
There was much activity at the recent RBNO. There are no RBNO meetings
scheduled for December, but there are usually two scheduled for January to
help get ready for the rally.
New  attendees:
Robert Russo - Aerospace engineer, read newspaper article
Tom Ford - Software Engr interested in Home Automation
Kelly New - Entre. Found us on the web. Looking for Robot Engrs.
Allison Rentz - On a robot team using Lego
Jimmy Rentz    "           "        "
Andrew Bell - Interested in building a robot on a budget.
Andrew Garrison - Found us on the web page.
Jay Cross - An EE in automation. Found us through Nuts&Volts
We saw a compilation of the Robot Rally 2000 done by the Schaeffers. This
showed some of the members what they might expect at the rally.
Around the Room:
Mike Lynch brought a bunch of goodies to give away. These included some
acrylic/Lexan globes for a Robot body. Attendees were invited to take what
they wanted.
Dale made some changes to Delta Force. Now it runs on 18 volts instead of
12V. This meant that he had to change the software a bit because it might go
flying off the Sumo Ring. It has enough juice to "pop a wheelie" when starting.
Sean Hussey brought in a Lego line follower programmed with Java.
Galen Hussey brought in a very tiny robot made from the vibrator motors from
some junked Cybikos.
Jared Hussey brought in a remote controlled robot using the Scout
Jay Cross brought in a robot built from scrap using the Basic Stamp II. It
has no sensors right now, but he showed how it moved back and forth.
Monthly Contest
There was no contest this month, because we did not have a line follower
track and there was not a competitor for Delta Force.
The next meeting will be on December 28th, please bring your new bot toys.

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