AHRC main meeting May 29, 2010

With the absence of Len, Denise ran the meeting. There were approximately
ten attendees.

Robot Rally is to be held October 23rd, 2010 at Pinkneyville Community Center

Main program was from Jebadiah Moulton of Marietta Non-Destructive Testing. He showed videos of simulations and actual robots scanning aircraft and aircraft components and parts for faults using x-rays, ultrasonic sound and
other technologies.

One of the company videos played has the soundtrack of this Rockwell video featuring Special Technology:
Other Youtube video feature remarkably similar producs such as the Chrysler Turbo Encabulator. Such devices are reminiscent of the Special Technology used in the The Darpa Urban Challenge Robot Champion:
Former AHRC attendee Buddy Smith has a new (to him) vehicle known for having such Special Technology:

Ben brought two partially-made ABS plastic 3d sample prints made on Freeeside's Makerbot (this video of a generic Makerbot shows 30 seconds of a 10-20 minute print):

Kirk brought a pulsed infrared proximity sensor/detector with built-in LED driver, Sharp IS471FA. The part is obsolete from Sharp, but the $8.50 kit from includes sensor (4 pin TO3 sized package), IR LED, power bypass cap, sense output pullup resistor and schematic. This page also has a link to the datasheet for IS471FA:

Robot Rally events discussed and prompted:
Autonomous and remote control Cube Quest
Open Contest

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