Feb 28, 2009
Atlanta Hobby Robot Meeting Minute

- Introduction of new member
- Discussed GA state FTC robotics tournament
- Demoed line relay
- Demoed wii infared capabilities
- Discussed on finding a cheap kit for beginners to use and enter robot rally.
- Polython winner will be robot who
- Discussed rules for Robot Rally

Fully autonomous games:

    1) Line follower - with a simple oval.
    2) Advanced line follower - which may be a figure 8 or similar type of shape.
    3) Beacon Killer - Bring your own beacon. The judge will place the beacon
       within an arena, and then the robot must find the beacon. The fastest time wins.   
    4) Line relay.
    5) Beacon relay - On the day of the tournament the judges will give angle of which
       to rotate the robot.
    6) Obstacle Avoidance
    7) Navigation
       Debated on shape of field to avoid robots with only encoders winning.
    8) Bulldozer-6x6 cube, 1 foot by 1 foot robot, using tables for field, maybe 5 blocks to knockout
           tape can be used for indicator. If all 4 wheels are out the robot's turn is done.
    9) Cube Quest

Non-autonomous games:

    10) Cube Quest remote

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