This lamp was purchased at Target Stores. The Retail Price was $19.95 but our cost was $16 was on sale.

The lamp is marketed under the FURIO brand name but was actually manufactured in China for the Grandrich company of Cerritos CA.

The Base is 10 inches in diameter and constructed of several parts.

The weight portion and "feet" of the lamp are made from a cement filled black plastic shell. This shell (inner base) fits inside of a decorative "pan" cover which is also constructed of black plastic. The "pan" surface is a slightly textured EDM finish. The distance from the floor to the bottom of the "pan" cover is 5/8". The "pan" cover is 1" deep. That makes the top of the base at a height of 1-5/8" off the floor.

Located on top of the "pan" is a 3 1/2" diameter, 1/4" thick decorative acrylic disk. From the center of this disk, threads the support pole which holds the actual fixture, some five feet above.

The lamp receives its power by way of a piece of "zip cord". This "zip cord" consists of two 18 AWG conductors in a PVC jacket. The cord is rated for 105 deg C operation. The UL wire type is SPT-1 and the safety file number is 115818M. If damaged during the competition, the cord will be replaced with a similar wire type.

The Lamp Base Lamp Base (side view)