Registration for the 2007 Robot Rally is not yet open. Below is the registration process for last year's Robot Rally.


The Atlanta Hobby Robot Club is pleased to announce that the 10th Annual Robot Rally� will be held on May 13, 2006 at the Gymnasium at Southern Polytechnic State University.

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Register Here for the

  • Vacuum Robot Contest
  • Mini Sumo Contest
  • Ant Weight Combat
  • Open Competition

Please fill out separate forms for each robot.

Registration Fee

The fee is $10 for each robot for each contest (robots may compete in more than one contest) It must be paid the day of the contest.

General Requirements and Information

The contests are open to all builders - membership in the club is not required. Online registration will be accepted until midnight the day before the Robot Rally. Late entries may not make it into the schedule. Although we will schedule as many robots as possible, we have limited time and registration will be on a 'First come, First serve' basis.

Entrants should arrive by 11AM on the day of the Robot Rally. A table will be provided for the contestant to display his or her robots. We ask that all entrants prepare a sign or document explaining the robot to the general public. Contestants should be willing to discuss their robot, construction techniques, and robotics in general to the attendees. Contestants may be photographed by the club photographer, and may be interviewed by the media. Interviews are voluntary.

Some contests may require qualification testing by the judging staff. Robot builders may observe such qualification, but the robots may not be modified after qualification without the consent of the judging staff.

Contestants should be prepared to remain for the entire Robot Rally� unless other arrangements have been made with the Robot Rally� Committee or Staff. Prizes/Awards are presented after the Robot Rally�, and contestants are requested to remain for the award ceremony. Some Prizes/Awards will be presented at a later date and may be mailed to the winners at the club's discretion.

Commercial robots are not allowed to compete in the contests. These are robots that have had no major modifications made to the basic device, that is, a robot vacuum cleaner may NOT be entered in the contests. Determination of qualification is made by the judging staff and is final.

Contestant Information

All personal information entered will remain confidential with the exception of your name and robot data.

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Note: Use separate forms for each robot.

Enter my robot in the following event

How I (we) Did It (check all that apply)

Navigation System

Bump Switches       Compass       Vision      
Radar       RF Beacons       IR Bumpers      
IR Beacons       Sonar       Other      


None           Stamp1           Stamp II          
HC11           PC / Laptop           PIC          
Atmel           Hitachi           Other          

For Combat Robots, enter weapon type and R/C Frequency

Wedge           Spinner           Full Body Spinner          
Flipper           Lifter           Other          

Please tell us something about yourself and your robot (i.e. why it was built,
is this your first robot, or special information that may be of interest to the judges and attendees)

(If you are entering the Vacuum Contest enter your intention
to try for a recharge bonus or to stop your robot before the time limit.)

Contest Closed, Submiting form disabled.

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