Dale Heatherington wins the October contest!

Dale's Scream Machine, shown above on the right, finished with a new record time of 3.28 seconds. The Scream Machine automatically started when Dale turned on his beacon, a 20 watt halogen flood light located 10 feet away. During the run the "scream face" on the front produced a screaming sound effect and the eyes glowed red. It automatically stopped when it moved to within 8 inches of the beacon light. It even ignored a camera flash which went off just after the start. Due to a shortage of golden dollar coins, Dale was awarded a 50 dollar bill.

Bob Baxters new robot (left) finished second with a respectable time of 5.72 seconds. He used a modulated IR emitter as a beacon.


Scream Machine makes its 3.28 second run

Bob Baxters 'bot does its thing


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Note: Videos are 15 fps AVI format encoded with the Intel Indeo Video R3.2 codec.
The video with sound was shot by Richard Bodor.
The other two silent videos were shot by Clint Bridges with a Nikon coolpix 990 camera and converted to avi format using Apple QuickTime Pro.
B/W photos by Dale Heatherington.